• New Product: Full Service Twitter For Writers

    I'm getting ready to launch a full service Twitter service for writers and authors. The objective of this service will be...

    1. To establish the writer on Twitter with a profile image, header, and bio.

    2. To acquire a following targeted to match their goals, values, and genre.

    3. To tweet news and blogs relevant to their author brand and important to their audience.

    4. To free up the author's time so they can spend more time writing and revising instead of monitoring their Twitter account.

    This service is ideal for

    1. People who are inexperienced with Twitter.

    2. Indie authors and traditionally published authors who need more website traffic and book sales.

    3. Writers who are having trouble developing an engaged following.

    4. Writers who are too busy to manage their accounts effectively.

    This package will cost $100 a month and come with Hootsuite Analytics and Tweet Adder Features. No contract necessary. Pay as you go.

    ATTN: National Novel Writing Month participants.

    November is a special month for some writers–a month of locking yourself in a room with a pot of coffee and a crazy story idea. Being distracted by Twitter during NaNo could be your downfall, so...

    In honor of NaNoWriMo, The FIRST TEN CLIENTS will be locked in at

    $80 a month!

    Write with abandon knowing that your Twitter account is alive and growing as you forge your next masterpiece.

    Sign up now. Email at christawojo@gmail.com or contact me here.

    And don't forget to say hi to me on Twitter at @christawojo.


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