• Digital Marketer braves NaNoWriMo

    While meandering my usual internet hangouts, I kept seeing this weird word, 'NaNoWriMo,' popping up. Finally, I had to see what all the buzz was about.





    NaNoWriMo gives you one month to complete a 50,000 word novel. 'What madness!' I thought, nevertheless I was drawn to the challenge.

    For too many years now I have been one of those people who say 'when I have some free time, I'm gonna write a novel.' The truth is, there never will be 'some free time' and that is what made NaNoWriMo so appealing.

    I already had to write six plus blog articles a month and manage a dozen fanpages and Twitter accounts. I also had a cross country trip coming up, a house guest to accomodate and the Thanksgiving food to cook, but I figured, hey, why not pile on the writing of an entire novel onto November's list of things to do? You must win a really cool prize or something, right?

    Wrong. There is no prize, only the knowledge that you finished that book you always dreamed about writing. If you acheived your dream, your name goes on the 'winner' list on NaNaWriMo.org. I also got the right to don that spiffy badge you see on top.

    Ironically, one hundred pots of coffee later, the novel is not even done. My characters had a lot more to say and do than I could put into 50,000 words, but I can say I am writing my first novel and it feels good! Thank you NaNoWriMo!!!

    >>>Here I am on the list! You better believe I'll claim my bragging rights.

    Did you participate in NaNoWriMo?

    How was your experience?

    Tell us about your novel!



  • Ugliest Acronym for Website Success

    How is your website traffic? Bumper to bumper or lonely highway?

    How are your social media accounts doing? Is it a cocktail party or are you hearing crickets?

    Many people start a website and think 'if I build it, they will come.' That is not the case with digital marketing. It takes constant work to get noticed on the web.

    Start with the basics--Are you WopRaw-in' it?



  • Google Analytics Certification: Questions and Answers on the GAIQ Test

    Hey gang. I meant to post this long ago after I first finished the exam. I hope it's still helpful.

    Last year when I took the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test, I went through it first and copied the questions and answer choices. I think the questions vary from test to test, but here are the ones I got and the possible answers.

    I also included the URL to where information on the answer was found in the Google Analytics tutorials or elsewhere. I apologize for not applying the links, but there were so many.

    Let me know if you got stuck on any of these questions. I can't be 100% sure of all the answers, as Google doesn't tell you which ones you got wrong, but I believe I only missed two or three.

    I know GA has changed a lot this year, so they may have changed the entire exam already, but hopefully this will help in some way as some of the answers are not as obvious as one might think.

    Please let me know if there are any changes or updates to the test as I will have to renew it soon enough and please don't hesitate to ask me for any help!

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  • Focus on Authors--Digital Marketing for Self-published Books

    Originally published on paranormal author website shondabrock.com.

    Self-publishing/e-publishing/ independent publishing has given all aspiring authors the chance to make their dream come true. Those who had the tenacity to write a book, revise it and edit it no longer have to submit queries to hundreds of agents or wait till a publishing house picks them up. They can go out and try to make it on their own.

    The problem is that in order to make it on their own, authors not only have to write, but must learn how to build a brand and a presence online. Without the help of an agent or big publishing company to boost publicity, an independent author may get discouraged and give-up.

    Instead of the literary agents' slush pile, they may find themselves in the e-book slush pile, an even larger, more convoluted mass of electronic media --highly competitive and very overwhelming.

    Many writers may not have an extensive knowledge about web design, search engine optimization, or social media marketing, but the marketplace for a self-published book is the web, so it is crucial for an author to school themselves in digital marketing or hire an expert to do it for them. Otherwise, if an e-published author isn't lucky enough to be one of the few who skyrockets to stardom, they could languish in obscurity forever.

    So, to new authors braving the web, follow these tips to make sure you are one of the writers who gets noticed.

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  • Digital Thoughts: Technology Makes Us Dumber and Smarter

    Something frightening happened to me the other day. I needed to calculate a percentage while doing some accounting. What to do?

    First I scrambled for my calculator, but it had vanished in my desk drawer (which I suspect with the number if things that disappear in there that it is a portal to another dimension). So, I turned to my computer and thought 'just google it.'

    Suddenly, a part of me said, Oh no you don't! Use your brain girl! and I forced myself through old paces of arithmetic that I learned in 5th grade. I had to keep ignoring the impulse to just give up and find some sort of electronic device to save me from my struggle.

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